RV Hobo Communities

Finding out where you want to go, and then keeping up on what’s happening once you get there, is on top of the list of most RVers. Our goal is to support a Community for every Campground, RV Park and Interest of RVers around the globe. RVers opinions matter. Seeing what other RVers have experienced, along with an inside look at an active RV Community gives you real insight into whether an RV Community is right for you.

Our living communities have forums, shared photos & videos, shared authoring of documents, hosted email so you never have to worry about your personal email account getting hacked, chat, chat-rooms, calendar, member authored blogs, sub-groups, a Wiki, is Social, even fully integrated with your Facebook account. Any of these and additional options can be selected when you create your community. Note: You must be a Member (frre members too!) to create a community.

While we have created popular communities such as our LTVA community which includes sub-communities for every LTVA campground, North and South, and How-To  community for those fixer-uppers, the real power of the RV Hobo Communities is that you can create one for your community.

Whether your just looking for information, or want to create a community for your campground, visit our Communities, visit us at:

PS: You can visit our communities from our top menus, or from the community.rvhobo.net URL.

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