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schoolteacher wrote: Desert Traditions
  It is a great that some traditions here on the desert seem to be able to continue even when the person(s) who led them has not returned for one reason or another. Thank You for the Lights One of those traditions is the Peanuts & N (More)
The holidays have come and soon will be gone. Our Liberry has little time alone! She's been spruced up with steps so new, And loves to welcome each of you. So come on in for any reason, We'll wish you greetings of the season. Cause before you k (More)
Christmas is comin'...let the church bells ring!  That's now just a line from one of our songs at the Christian Service Center, that's a welcome to our annual Christmas concert.  It's one of our traditions here on the desert and this year is now di (More)
Every December people on the desert enjoy a light parade. People decorate their cars with lights and drive around the LTVA. The first time we saw the parade of lights was in December of 1997.  We were impressed that out here in  the desert somethin (More)