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  Put fresh water in black & gray HOLDING TANKS(about 2/3 full), this will allow the traps to stay moist – DO NOT PUT WATER IN fresh water tank (to guard against algae growth) TOILET – add vegetable oil in bowl and all other (More)
When you experience honesty and integrity from a company, you want to share it Having personally done business with the following four companies, I share with other desert dwellers so they can call on these businesses if there is a need. HILCO (More)
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Just wanted to let folks know about a wonderful new website, http://imperial-dam.rvhobo.net/ that many of you would be interested in. Last season, while wandering around the "Wash" to find interesting things to write about for the newsletter, I happe (More)
Far be it from me to let anyone think I am computer literate. However, I have spent many years using a   computer for both business and pleasure. I have learned so much from so many, but here in the desert, some good friends taught me how to save s (More)
Did you know we have a mini Costco right here in Yuma? Yep, opened in February of 2016, and we love it and shop there regularly. Prices are close to comparable but not exactly the same as Costco for most items (prices are more in line with Sam's C (More)