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schoolteacher wrote: Liberry Committee
Our Liberry is still in a state of flux. We tried something new, which evidently most people did not like, so we are now in the process of reorganizing ourselves again. You should be noticing some stickers on the spines of our books. That is a col (More)
schoolteacher wrote: Liberry News--Committee
The frosty days of winter are upon us.  The temperatures are dropping.... Wait a minute that is at home, not here.  OK now that is settled, what the committee really wants to say is that it is time to READ. According to one of our Sweethearts (More)
schoolteacher wrote: Liberry News—Committee
The Nyla Dossett Memorial Liberry is up and running.  We have some great Liberry Sweethearts who are busy shelving and sorting and trying to make sure that the Liberry is user friendly. The Liberry sponsored the annual Thanksgiving potluck at the (More)
schoolteacher wrote: Liberry News--Committee
As many of you may have heard, Bob (Redneck) Casey passed away on Sunday, Oct. 22.  Hopefully next month Angel will be back with her Angel's Angles. The Liberry should be open by Nov. 1, 2017.  It is possible that not all of our Liberrians have (More)