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schoolteacher wrote: Angel's Angles--Joyce (Angels)
As our 2016/2017 season comes to an end, I want to once again thank the dedicated group of librarians that come without fail twice a day on their designated day and keep Our Liberry looking neat and clean.  Leona (Loonie Toonie) and MJ, you light up (More)
schoolteacher wrote: Angel's Angles (Joyce--Angel)
I hardly know what to write here. Due to health reasons, the old Redneck and I may not be able to come down to our desert winter home next season. The Liberry Committee will keep everything going as normal, and hopefully we will be here as usual. It' (More)
The Gravel Pit Ramada Thanksgiving potluck this year was a tremendous success, which wasn't a guarantee that morning.  We were supposed to have 20-30 mph winds, which is NOT a good thing when you are eating outside.  However, the Liberry had side (More)