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schoolteacher wrote: Poetry Corner
LTVA (Written at Senator Wash) Daniel Clayton Thornburg Ancient Lady Moon’s as skinny as a spinster, lonely in the cold and drafty skies. Points too sharp to handle on both her bottom and her top, features half hidden in shadows, and the bone (More)
schoolteacher wrote: Poet's Corner
Yesterday’s Friends Here’s to our friends of yesterday Our buddies through the years. We shared many a laugh by the campfire We remember them with tears. That special smile The fish he caught Seeing the burros go away at a trot. Those (More)
schoolteacher wrote: Poetry--Daniel Thornburg
We stoke the morning campfires and hearths so Sun Boy can find his way home—home again from the eastern reaches, home again from the dark—to discover us here, circled around our signal fires, huddled in the cold, waiting and watching and expec (More)
I do not know if the desert people are still holding Poetry Gatherings once a month at this time, but thought you all might want to know our "history" of the gatherings, from fall 1994 through several years of sharing in those gatherings. We first (More)