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schoolteacher wrote: Thanks (Sue--Schoolteacher)
It was a great year on the LTVA.  We had a great time and hope those that were here had a great time also.  There were so many activities (new and old) that it was hard to chose which to do.  I am so thankful that someone found this wonderful plac (More)
schoolteacher wrote: Angel's Angles--Joyce (Angels)
As our 2016/2017 season comes to an end, I want to once again thank the dedicated group of librarians that come without fail twice a day on their designated day and keep Our Liberry looking neat and clean.  Leona (Loonie Toonie) and MJ, you light up (More)
schoolteacher wrote: Thanks!! Sally (Cookie)
Thanks to everyone who bought and baked cookies. We delivered 650 dozen cookies to the fire house at YPG. These guys love the cookies! (More)