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​One of my favorite places on the desert is "The Swimming Pool". I heard about it for many years, many hiked to it on the Thursday morning hikes with Cruisin Cruiser (Ambrose) or Lost Canuck (Brian). If you started at the dam, south of Kripple Kree (More)
Hello out there, wazup? Well here we are, and there'd they go? Oh the days dwindle down to a precious few. It's December here and today 72' is predicted, maybe snow in 2 days! Now I know a lot of you are from Northern climes where winter is winter b (More)
schoolteacher wrote: Thanks--Mary (Vixen) Dossett
A note of thanks for all the prayers and the numerous cards Slobberjaws/Bob has received. The doctors & I are very amazed at his rapid recovery from his many broken bones. We credit all the prayers, thank you. Staying here in Illinois is an adjus (More)