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Looking to find a Kampground for your next adventure? Are you an LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area) patron? Need help with a solar system?  It’s all here at the RVHobo Network.

 Announcing the Baja LTVA! Are you ready for this. San Diego temperatures, even cheaper than LTVA prices. Pacific Ocean beachfront and beach view lots with access to miles of  pristine beaches, starting at only $300 for the entire 6 month season. Want a lot right on the beach? Just $500. Low cost of living, water, showers, flush toilets, dump stations, trash bins, friendly people and so much more. See for yourself, the Baja LTVA.

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Kampers will find almost everything about a Kampground here. Every Kampground has a professional website chock full of what kampers want like reservations, activities and nearby attractions. The Kampgrounds are Social, starting with their own blog, forum, kommunity, chat rooms, calendar and our state-of-the-art reservations system. And that’s just the start. Did you know that if your kampsites are free, so is your membership to all of this, including our reservations system!

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All of the Kampgrounds on the RVHobo Network offer full User Kommunities. Share your photos and documents, chat and schedule your events on the calendar. And that’s just the start of the list of what’s available to Kampers at an RVHobo Kommunity!

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Blogs & NewsNet

Blogging is central to the RVHobo Network. We cover everything of interest to Kampers and RVers. Informative stories about Kampgrounds, Recreation of interest to our readers and How-To articles for those do-it-yourselfers. Do you have stories to tell that would be of interest to our readers? NewsNet is our unique network to gather stories from across the entire RVHobo Network, and then publishing the best of them on our Network.

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Business opportunities abound on the RVHobo Network. On top of the list is Kampground Kloud Membership. It gets your Kampground both organized and noticed. Have products that interest our members? Open a store that will rival eBay and Amazon in the RVHobo Mall. Our Kampers get free classified advertising. And if you have experience and expertise that’s of interest to our Kampers, you can offer both free and paid advice. We also accept limited, tasteful advertisements.

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