Save Big with Cellphone Technology

Save BIG With Your Existing Cellphone Technology

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What the cellphone companies don’t want you to know.  Our cellphone savings alone: $2951.40! Cell Phone charges have become a major expense to almost everyone around the globe. If you want better services and drastically reduced costs, you should read this article. Our goal was to break away and/or minimize traditional cell and phone charges while providing an even better …

Camping With Two Great Danes

Camping With Two Great Danes!

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Now what do you do when you need a motor home small enough to get into those great camping spots in National Parks AND you have two Great Danes? With our 1977 Dodge Establishment motor home, we were really happy with its compact, 20′ length. However, that left two little problems. Where to put our six-year-old Great Danes, Abbie and …

Globalstar Technology

GlobalStar: Satellite Phone & “SatFi” Hotspot

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GlobalStar, the producer of the world’s best known Satellite phone, has clearly transformed itself since 2002, when we purchased our first sat-phone for our Baja to Alaska trip. Let’s start off with the basics: these phones work, period. Our first phone was about the size of the first wireless house phones, and can be seen at the bottom of this …