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Los Olivos RV Park Removed From Consideration From Baja LTVA Membership

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In keeping with our promise to bring our members the good and bad stories about the San Quintín Valley, we regretfully inform you that we have made a decision to remove the Los Olivos RV Park from consideration for membership in the San Qunitin Baja LTVA. There were multiple reasons for this decision which we summarize below.

Crime Area

While we hate to report crime in Baja, the facts are the facts and you have the right to know. There were a series of murders in the San Quintín area. They have been isolated to two very small neighborhoods and only involved gang members. The Federal and State Police response and presence was immediate and effective.

Unfortunately, an incident happened right in front of the Los Olivos RV Park’s front gate involving a high speed chase of a gang member by Police. A shootout ensued which resulted in the gang member being killed by police, right there.

Additionally, the Los Olivos RV Park also advertises “recreation area” in their title for good reason.  They solicit locals to use their facilities for a fee. While we applaud this, we have to say, we were apprehensive when the manager, Stan Schulz, informed us of his concerns about the possibility of camp sites being robbed by teenagers who use the Los Olivos Recreation Area. One test we always apply, a simple test, when we rate a campground. When employees leave the office for a short time, do they lock the door? The answer was not just yes, but always.

Additionally, while staying at the Los Olivos RV Park, we were awakened by the flashlight from the Los Olivos Caretaker, Isaias, who was noticeably shaken by noises he heard in the campground area. We can completely understand. Murders up North that same day, the shootout at the Los Olivos RV Park’s front gate and the reported thefts by day-use visitors, had us on alert as well.

Beach-Front and Lot Size

Our Members tell us that being on the Pacific Ocean with its beautiful beaches and temperate climate are their most important consideration when looking for a Baja LTVA Kampground. The Los Olivos RV Park is inland and not on the beach like our other Baja LTVA Kampgrounds. This means that, along with no ocean-view, it will be hotter during the summer months.

Also, Los Olivos RV Park does not have the space to afford oversized lots to our members. Many have already commented about the “parking lot” type sites they see in the photos. That’s a hard sell to LTVAers who are used to wide-open spaces and plenty of distance from their neighbors.


When we considered the narrow lots, salty water at their hookups, lack of reliable WiFi and criminal activity in and in front of Los Olivos RV Park, we decided that this is not a place we could recommend to our members, even though the Los Olivos RV Park supports a Christian outreach program.

Now some good news

The above-mentioned crime has not affected the southern Baja LTVA Kampgrounds at all, which are 20 – 40 minutes South of the gangs’ past turf war. Additionally, the population is so small down “here” (where we live) that there is no turf to fight over. Just like the U.S. and Canada, it is good advice to stay out of the “Big Cities and Towns” at night. Just stick to shopping during the days. My wife shops in town every week with no problems or concerns other than staying alert, as she does wherever she shops, including the U.S. and Canada.

Also note that with the tremendous presence by Federal and State Police, there have been no reported gang-related crimes for weeks. However, although it pains us, we have concluded that the Los Olivos RV Park and location just don’t meet the needs of our members at this time.

Based on this information, we have decided that all of the Baja LTVA Kampgrounds will be beach-front and many miles South of any known criminal activity or area that would encourage any.

Any Members heading to San Quintín who require hookups and/or a temporary stay, Fidel’s El Pabellon has offered our members a reduced fee of $10 per night (1/2 the $20 Los Olivos Fee). To schedule a space or for more information, please write [email protected]

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