Not ready to pay $900 per season or $1800 per year at an LTVA?

If you’re not ready to pay $900 per season or $1800 per year, you, your friends and families need to get PROACTIVE!

The BLM Regional Office in Sacramento has a new Acting Deputy State Director, Danielle K. Chi ( [email protected], (916) 978-4649) who is about to sneak through an LTVA Pass rate increase to almost $900 for a single season, that’s $1800 per year! While this is set for the Northern LTVAs run by the Bishop California Field Office at this time, Danielle Chi is now the Deputy Director for the entire state of California of which Imperial Dam is in, even while being managed by the Yuma BLM office. Unless you have blinders on, you know that it won’t take long for Imperial Dam and other LTVAs like Quartzsite to follow with HUGE rate increases targeting us gray-haired folks.

Please see the story the RV Hobo did on uncovering an effort by the “New” BLM to target Senior Citizens who will bear the brunt of their mismanagement costs by placing a 300% – 450% rate increase on us, while they only ask for a 10% – 20% rate increase for everyone else. Story Here.

Make no mistake about it: They targeted us grey-haired folks to pay for their mismanagement, (again, please read the story here) which includes their personal “horse corrals” that are never used, solar “shingles” and much more. Unless you want to be paying $900 or $1800 for a desert parking spot on OUR PUBLIC LANDS, please get proactive and send Danielle Chi an email at [email protected] and give her a call at (916) 978-4649. We can stop this right now, but only if we ALL act. Please get your friends and family to email and call Acting Deputy State Director Danielle K Chi ([email protected], (916) 978-4649) as well.

Example email to Danielle Chi at [email protected]:

Subject: Opposition to LTVA Rate Increases

Ms. Danielle Chi:

You have published a proposed rate increase Pursuant to applicable provisions of the Federal Recreation Enhancement Act (REA) entitled Notice of Intent to Change Fees in Campgrounds on Public Land in the BishopField Office, Inyo and Mono Counties, California” [FR Doc. 2015-32039 Filed 12-18-15; 8:45 am], BILLING CODE 4310-40-P.

You are herein notified that we strongly object to any such rate increases, including, but not limited to the LTVA pass where you propose an almost 300% increase, approximately $900 per season from the now already excessive $300 fee. This act by you specifically targets Senior Citizens which is a violation of both Federal and State Law. Additionally, we were unable to find the business plan on the website you reference for same, which is a specific violation of the Federal Recreation Enhancement Act.

I am herein notifying you in accordance with the Recreation Enhancement Act, you are to notify me of any proposed hearing dates on this matter, or any changes to this REA proposal.


Your Name Here

In our experience, this is the only way to stop this before it is too late. Please note that the above example is targeted to this type of Federal Notice and is known to work. Cut and paste this letter into an email or use your own words, but send an email to Danielle Chi at [email protected] TODAY! You can also phone her at: (916) 978-4649.

Thanks everyone!