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schoolteacher wrote: A Bird’s Eye View of the LTVA
These pictures were taken by Don (Taurus) Phillips using his drone.  If anyone wishes to have a picture taken of their  Rig, contact him on North Mesa, north of the second restroom in the Holliday Rambler 5th wheel.  (Editor’s Note:  I have cha (More)
We’ve compiled some useful tips for living in Mexico from our personal experiences starting with; Getting Money Most Mexican Banks have cash machines outside. For example, there is an HSBC bank in Lazaro Cardenas, close to the town of San Qui (More)
The Pressing Need for a Summer LTVA Replacement During the winter season, from September 15 until April 15, Boondockers have a wonderful choice of BLM LTVAs, with Imperial Dam being the cream at the top of the list. Unfortunately, during the summe (More)
In keeping with our promise to bring our members the good and bad stories about the San Quintín Valley, we regretfully inform you that we have made a decision to remove the Los Olivos RV Park from consideration for membership in the San Qunitin Baja (More)